Industrial Automation

What We Offer


CoDiCOM offers complete engineering and/or delivery of control systems for any kind of installation: ships, jack-ups, mitre-gates, backhoe dredgers, hopper dredgers, RoRo's etc...

Complete Systems

PLC control systems, PC controlled visualisation, logging, remote access, Motor Starter cabinets etc... We deliver from small systems to complete systems, no job we can't handle.


We have the knowledge and licenses to program most PLC brands. examples: Siemens TIA, CoDeSys(Wago, EPEC, Wachendorff, IFM, Berghof), BR Automation, Modicon, Bachmann, Mitsubishi. Communication protocols like CANopen, J1939, Powerlink, Profinet, Modbus TCP/RT, Ethernet, Safety.


Projects from A-Z, or if you need assistance with commissioning, we can help you!

New releases
  • Backhoe Dredger & Grab Dredger

    Complete control system, 8 control cabinets, several (24") PC controlled visualisation screens, logging, ships alarm system.

  • Jacking system, launching girder

    Control system, 2x 90kw motor starters, local control cabinets, web-based controlled visualisation

  • Mitre Gates, Illinois River basin, La Grange Lock&Dam (USA)

    Complete Control system, HPU cabinets, local control cabinets, Control desks, web-based controlled visualisation


Offshore & Maritime

CoDiCOM specialises in the building and developing of innovative control systems for the offshore/maritime industry. We offer total solutions with which we create a bridge between hydraulic systems and controls. We advise, develop, deliver, assemble and modify related systems. We realise the most complex projects within a relatively short period of time.



CoDiCOM designs and builds complete control systems for movement mechanisms such as bridges and locks. We combine our experience and efficiency to supply systems that meets the highest or requirements



CoDiCOM installs control systems globally that are geared towards specific industries. Our total solutions form a solid basis for an efficient industrial production process. You will find our technology in machines and production lines as well as other areas.

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